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2020 - 2021


22-23 August 2020                                                 Kansas City, MO

National Council of Administration Meeting

27-30 Aug 2020                                                       Portsmouth, VA

Commander-in-Chief Homecoming


14-17 September 2020                                          Washington, D.C.

Fall Legislative Committee Meeting

24 October 2020                                                           Portland, ME

Council of Administration (CoA) Meeting

Tentative CoA meeting in a Zoom Meeting Format

State President Testimonial


8-11 October 2020                                                 Kansas City, MO

Junior Vice Commanders/Quartermasters Training

?? October 2020                                  VA Medical Healthcare, ME


?? October 2020                                                           Augusta, ME

Homeless Stand-Down

30 October-1 November 2020                                 Ocean City, MD

Eastern Conference

7 December 2020                                                  Various Locations

Pearl Harbor Day Remembrance

?? December 2020                      VA Medical Facility, Augusta ME

Patient Holiday Party (Date to be Announced)

?? December 2020                                                Various Locations

Veterans’ Homes Christmas Parties

(Time and Dates to be announced)

19 December 2020                                                Various Locations

National Wreath Across America Day 

16 January 2021                                                             Bangor, ME

Council of Administration (CoA) Meeting

CoA meeting in a Zoom Meeting Format

Voice of Democracy - Patriot’s Pen

Teacher of the Year Banquet


15 February 2021                                                  Various Locations

Remember the “Maine”

27 February-3 March 2021                                   Washington, D.C.

Voice of Democracy

28 February-4 March 2021                                   Washington, D.C.

Legislative Conference

24 April 2021                                                             Lewiston, ME

Council of Administration (CoA) Meeting

CoA meeting in a Zoom Meeting Format

State Commander Testimonial


11-12 June 2021                                                             Bangor, ME

State Convention

13 June 2021                                                                  Bangor, ME

Council of Administration (CoA) Meeting

31 July-5 August 2021                                               Baltimore, MD

National Convention